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Thiolab is one of Opolo Lab's innovations. THIOLAB is a French acronym that stands for Opolo Lab Instant Human Translation. It is a fast translation provided by men as opposed to machine. Thiolab is a revolutionary service that responds to the need for rapid translation expressed by thousands of businesses and individuals around the world. We live in an era where everything moves fast and a company can lose a great opportunity if language barriers prevent it from understanding a call for bids, submitting a bid on time, or simply communicating with its existing or potential partners.

Instant Translation

Why Choose THIOLAB ?

Instant translation

You have been so overloaded during the day that you inadvertently forgot you had to get a document translated for the next day’s business presentation or for an important meeting. Or maybe other professional reasons prevented you from getting your document translated on time, and when you look at your watch, you realize it is already 11:00 P.M. You start panicking and gnashing your teeth believing there is absolutely no translation firm that would be open at such a late hour. If you had a time machine, you would have used it. Well, we are happy to tell you the good news: there is now a state-of-the-art platform that solves your problem. It is called THIOLAB, which is an acronym standing for Opolo Lab Instant Human Translation. Thiolab is a platform on which you get instant translation 100% performed by humans as opposed to machine translation.

24/7 availability

We are aware of the time constraints you often face. This is the reason why we have set up many teams working in shifts 24/7. Our teams work non-stop irrespective of public holidays and feast days, etc.


Thiolab offers a fast, accurate, and high-quality human translation. Thiolab has established several teams of well-versed translators and revisers, who work around the clock to translate your documents instantly. Revisers proofread and correct all translations before they are delivered in order to ensure a high-quality end product.


You probably assume that our services would be very expensive given the constraints associated with providing human translation services in instant mode. It would be fair to set high rates, but this is not the case with Thiolab. Thiolab offers you breathtaking competitive prices, the best rates in the translation market. Compare our rates with those of our competitors and you will see for yourself.



Your payment on our platform is very secure. Our site is protected by an SSL certificate. Besides, payment is processed by our partner who implements security measures which are compliant with PCI DSS requirements.


Thiolab is offered by a team of trained translators and revisers who are aware of how much confidentiality matters. We had a non-disclosure agreement signed by our permanent staff and consultants alike. Therefore, your documents and texts are in good hands. We guarantee their confidentiality at all levels.

Just for You

We exist, work, and strive to make you happy with our translation in all fields: engineering, medical, pharmacy, automotive, renewable energy, tourism, contracts, invoices, laws, reports, patents, insurance, websites, among others. This wonder is performed on a single and unique platform: www.thiolab.com


Ordering Process

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    Accept THIOLAB's Terms and Conditions

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    Submit your translation & get an instant invoice.

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    Pay online in order to validate your order.

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    Let's know your email address for delivery.

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